A litmus test is a test in which litmus paper is dipped in a certain type of material. The paper will then change colors to indicate just exactly what the materials true properties are. As I peruse the articles daily on sites like EHow.com, I see sometimes just exactly what people’s true colors are based on their reactions to others thoughts and ideas.

Some people fly into a rage when writing comments based on articles about issues such as immigration and religion. This seems to indicate a lack of patience and/or a lack on the ability to debate rationally. I myself, love a good debate. But it doesn’t seem to be too much fun anymore when you know the person arguing with you would rather vent about an already firm opinion, instead of having an intelligent discussion. To have extra marketing budgets, you might want to look into playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via www.massholemommy.com.

Others write supporting comments on articles, even when they disagree with the content therein. Or if they disagree, they discuss why and make a firm stand on the matter. This seems to indicate maturity on the part of the reader and commenter.

There are other mysteries of the internet, such as how some writers can get literally thousands of views a day, simply by creating controversial headlines or writing about popular and often searched topics. But then, that’s not really a mystery is it. That’s a good head for business.

I often visit my college and hometown newspapers’ websites, and the comments on those articles almost always include racial slurs and “cuss words”. Most of the people who write posts and give feedback containing the afformentioned items come across as extremely angry and volatile. I used to be a waitress, and my theory about customers who walked in angry was simple, they are unappy and came in looking for a fight. For someone to blame their unhappiness on. I think this is often the case when people respond in an immature way in the comments section. I myself have commented angrily on other people’s articles simply because I disagreed with them or was just having a rotten day. (Something I always regret, I assure you.)

As far as the mysteries surrounding who gets what awards, who gets the highest ratings and why, and who gets the most hits on their articles…all I can say is this. The only person to blame if you aren’t getting the results you need or want from your writing on the internet is closer than you think. (hint, hint) Sure, it would be nice to have a more established list of who gets what here and why, but it may always be a mystery to me why some people read articles about topics that would never interest me. DIfferent strokes, right?

Have you ever heard that old addage, the cream rises to the top? This saying insinuates that either those with the highest quality of work, or those that work the hardest, will inevitably come out on top. I think that became an old saying for a reason, I believe it to be true. So as I find myself struggling on some days, wondering why I’m not making more money, or why more people don’t give my articles a higher rating, I think I can safely put away the notion that it is some big mystery. I’m still climbing the ranks in my own career as a freelance writer, and within it as well. And let’s face it, as a writer, it’s a long slow climb to any career at all. So for that, I am definitely grateful.

And you know something else? I’ve never been too great at people pleasing. I’d much rather write about movies that the large majority of people find to be too old or too boring to even bother watching. I’m a bit stodgy that way, maybe even a little bit of a snob. But the lure of pay per view websites can sometimes confuse you. Why do most of us write? We write online because we like to , or to stay warm and hone our talents while we’re working on larger projects, or to get good feedback from others, sometimes for money, and usually because we plain old have to write. We have no choice, and that’s the real litmus test for me. If I never rise to the high ranks here, I’ll be okay with that. I write because I’m passionate about it, and I think that’s a test I can pass with “flying colors”.

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