Pamela J. Wilshire is a social worker in an agency helping Hispanic people. She actually goes on location where migrant farmers pick fruit for a season. her responsibility aside from enjoying the great out of doors was to help the individuals in the Hispanic Community. She describes the impoverished camps that she visits . Most have extensive health issues, little education, and diseases such as lice and ringworm. One major responsibility is to set up a children’s summer camp in order to teach basic hiegyene and send the children home with adequate supplies.

Ms. Wilshire also speaks of the importance of getting rid of stereotypes and the Mexicans she came across were nothing like the stereoptypes. Most of the families she dealt with were from the North and were legal citizens because of birth. She helped raise money for these people so their electricity would not be cut off. She contacted many area churches to set up a donation program to help this family. Sadly, this money was not sent directly to the family, but was put in a separate account, or a general fund. And to help you with the funds you need, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via ufabet168สมัครUFABET.

She also describes a series of abuse from a few anfy men to their wives. In some countries it is acceptable to hit one’s children with a belt. In America it is considered abuse. Ms. Wilshire was in the middle of counseling and helping families with their issues. She describes it as a struggle to overcome the differences and to help the families.

She states that immigration is a big issue for everyone. Many “boat people” as they are commonly referred to are turned away by our border patrol. However, it is quite difficult to enforce the laws all the time concerning the illegality of these immigrants. Many of the services provided, Ms. Wilshire states, is used for the illegal immigrants. The truth is that our standard of living is greatly admire and much wanted by those of impoverished countries and she can definitely understand that.

My response:

I greatly admire Ms. Wilshire. I think it takes an incredibly strong woman in order to fill her shoes. She has to set aside her personal values and beliefs in order to help people of impoverished means. I feel that it takes a certain strength to actually do social work among the massses and still come out on top. Her mindset is striclty on the people and nothing more.

She does touch on the illegality of some Hispanics in our country, but she really does not state an opinion either way about what she feels. I found this rather confusing, because most people have definite opinions on the topic. However, she did mention in the article that I read that she did notice that our country was supplying arms ( guns) to other countries. I think perchance she was hinting that if we have enough money to supply other countries with armaments maybe we have enought money to supply help for those immigrants who are of illegal status. This however was not clear to me.

The reason I loved the article on Ms. Wilshire so much is the fact that she was willing to actually get to know the people that she was involved with. She describes dining with the Hispanic community and how it was rude to turn down a meal, so she ate many different meals with many different people. What touched me truly is how she said she was often treated to the best of the meal and these were very poor people who were offering their best to her. Graciously she accepts.

Honestly, I admire the social working profession, because it is filled with love and compassion of the human spirit. Perhaps this is a bit idealistic, but the idea of it all it to love each other is what it is all about.

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