Your first couple of years in realty will often feel like a sprint against time as you attempt to be established and learn how to sell real estate on your own. Succeeding at selling real estate on your own is challenging work, but you can. Real estate agents do not get paid a commission; their job is to close the sale and receive their commission from the sale of their property. For this reason, some brokers struggle early in their careers while others are successful from day one.

A new agent should not take their success for granted. New brokers must use all resources at their disposal to get themselves out there. This implies networking and taking advantage of social networks, even when they aren’t actively marketing their services. As a new agent you should join as many networking groups as you can find. You will quickly find that there are other realty brokers in the region that are looking to purchase or sell property. This new agent should join in such discussions and network with like minded individuals.

When you have made it through the “honeymoon” phase of your career as a new representative and have established yourself as a serious and gifted professional, you should start to use social media to advertise your company. Setting up your site and twitter feed is a terrific way to market your blog and keep in touch with customers. You can set up auctions through social media sites where people can purchase properties at a lower price. A bright star is somebody who can help you to find prospects for these auctions.

Something else that a new agent should do is join various networking groups and realty associations.  These groups are usually an excellent source for locating buyers and selling brokers. Many wealthy individuals and successful investors have discovered that using their contacts can cause great success in the realm of property investment and realty.

Once you’ve established yourself by getting a blog on the internet and participating in a variety of forums and groups, you’ll need to get out and meet with potential sellers and buyers. These meetings can be particularly beneficial if you would like to sell real estate in a hurry. The very best way to get a handle on the industry is to attend as many auctions as possible. This will allow you to ascertain what the market value is for homes that are similar to yours. This will also allow you to determine the best course of action to consider when you’re looking to sell.

Some of the real estate companies you will want to look for when you are trying to find an agent include Assist-2-Sell, Zillow, Best Buy Buyers, Century 21 Real Estate, Luxury Homes MLS, Smart Finance Brokers and platforms like These companies are full-service, so you will need to supply them with your zip code so as to be sent information on properties that are similar to homes that you’re interested in. If you go through these companies, make certain to use their helpful services, since they can help you with almost any part of selling your home.