Black magic can be very powerful. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from this type of energy.

Many practitioners of voodoo focus on peace and respect, but it is often associated with evil. Here’s how to remove voodoo.

1. Talk To A Spiritual Healer

A spiritual healer might be able remove black magic spells and curses from your own life. They can identify the source of negative energy and teach how to protect yourself. If you’ve already tried home remedies and are still suffering from negative energies, it’s time to seek professional help.

how to remove voodoo

Voodoo does not have a central god or prayer book, but it is associated with hoodoo, which combines ancient African dark magic and European necromancy. Curses are rare in traditional Voodoo. It is the primary religion in Haiti, along with Catholicism. Voodoo priests instead cast healing spells on their followers.

Voodou (or Vudu) is very different from the sensational accusations of human sacrifice and cannibalism made by colonizers towards Haitian Voodou Communities. Voodoo, in fact, is not an accurate or appropriate term for the religion. It is better to refer to it as Vodun, Vodou or Bondye.

The basic philosophy of Voodoo is that humans are spirits who live in a visible world and the unseen world of Ginen, which includes a myriad of lwa or “spirits.” While Christians believe in one supreme God, Voodouists connect to various Lwa and other spirit guides, and consider themselves stewards of the earth. The lwa is believed to be an integral part of the world and exists to maintain its balance. Voodouists form relationships with lwa and emulate their principles. They also try to embody their spirit.

2. Visualize The Shield Protector

If you’re an empath, or a highly sensitive person it is important that you protect yourself against black magic and voodoo. You can do this through visualization and daily practice. These include meditation, visualizing a protective shield, and reciting prayers or positive affirmations. You can create a protective amulet or talisman by cleansing an item and charging it with protective energies. This talisman, or amulet, can be worn to repel negative energy or protect against voodoo.

A bright bubble of light can be visualized around your aura by meditating. This bubble of light will dissipate any negative energies near you. You can try a protection shower. Prepare a bath by brewing a pot of herbal tea containing protective herbs such as lavender and rosemary. Add this to your bathwater and visualize the protective energy of the herbs cleansing your aura.

Burning sage with a feather and directing the smoke at your body is another way to protect yourself. You can also use crystals for protection such as amethyst and black tourmaline. You can even make your own talisman or amulet with these crystals and carry them with you for extra protection. You can also recite protective prayers or affirmations to invoke divine protector and cleanse your spirit from any negativity.

3. Do Daily Prayers

Voodoo is a religion that has been negatively portrayed in the media, thanks to its sensational portrayals. However, it is a religion that embraces all people and does not judge its followers based on their race or sexual orientation. Both men and women are Voodoo priests, as well as their followers. Voodoo includes animal sacrifices and the use taboo items in other cultures and religions.

Despite its reputation for casting love spells, curses and revenge spells, Voodoo is primarily a healing religion. The shaman like priest of Voodoo is a healer, and does not curse as the popular myth would suggest. Voodoo, an ancient religion is often combined with other spiritual traditions and religious practices including Catholicism.

According to a popular belief, if you’re under a curse, you can cleanse your body by taking a salt bath with sage or rue, or burning uncrossing frankincense (a blend sage rue hyssop salt). You can also make a spell-breaking amulet or talisman by consecrating it and charging with a mixture hyssop sage rue salt and frankincense.

4. Visualize A Positive Affirmation

A curse cast by someone else can cause issues in your relationships with others, straining them or even destroying them. It can also affect your professional stability and create obstacles on your path to success.

To counteract a curse’s effects, focus on positive thoughts and laughter. When you feel a negative spell around you, laugh at something silly to release your positive energy and diversion the negative influence of the curse.

To remove a curse from your body, begin by washing with a hex removing bath product like Condition Bath Salt or the Uncrossing herb bath. As you soak, imagine the negative effects being pulled out of your body and neutralized or absorbed by water. If you notice that the lemon halves are starting to dry out, then the hex is removed.

5. Ask For Help

Voodoo, a complex and ancient spiritual practice, has its roots in slavery. It was a powerful force during the history of this hemisphere, but it has been misunderstood. Racism still clouds our perception of it today. Moreover, many people use the word “voodoo” in an inappropriate, secular way that represents only the appropriated pop culture mythology of Haitian Vodou and Africana religions.

A hollow figure made from cloth or wood, called a voodoo doll, is one of the most common methods of harming a person. Colored pins are inserted with specific intentions, such as to control someone or to cause harm. To protect yourself from a voodoo attack, you can bury the doll in the ground or place it on your altar (if nonperishable). You can also sprinkle a little salt to cleanse and protect the area.