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The political naivety of evangelical Christians – by Matthew Rhodes

‘Just watched and listened to President Trump speaking at the USA National Prayer Breakfast – has he become a Christian? Very God centred. Impressive. While some have been ranting – maybe others have fulfilled what is required of Christians – … Continue reading

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‘I Didn’t Meme to Hurt You’: disagreeing better online

I am facebook friends with people with a very wide range of views: rabid right-wingers and loony lefties and everything in-between. Raving charismatics, fluffy liberals and hard-bitten atheists.  Millie Tants, Chardonnay Socialists and Gary Lagers. Our on-line followers represent to some … Continue reading

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It’s up to each of us to resist the cynicism of ‘post-truth’ culture

Post-truth was chosen as the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2016. It’s a word which has sprung into prominence mainly due to Donald Trump’s election win. I heard a good example the other day on the radio when a US political … Continue reading

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Love Trumps Hate: responding to the US election – by Stephen Kuhrt

This post is based on a sermon preached by Stephen Kuhrt at Christ Church New Malden on Sunday 20th November 2016. The bible reading was Matthew 7:13-20. What is a Christian response to the election of Donald Trump? Like the … Continue reading

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Six reasons why Hillary lost it – by Lizzie Schofield

Oh, Hillary! This was your election to lose, girl! Want to know what happened? Let me make you some tea and share my wise, wise Briddish insights, because obviously if I ran for President of the USA I would do … Continue reading

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Voting for Trump…or against something bigger? Globalism is the elephant in the room – by Renee McMullen

“The Powers That Be are more than just the people who run things. They are the systems themselves, the institutions and structures that weave society into an intricate fabric of power and relationships. The Powers surround us on every side. … Continue reading

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Disagreeing well is good for us (far better than echo-chambers which just reinforce what we already believe)

It has been a fascinating seeing the reaction to the article written by my old school friend, Nick Miles’ on why he is voting for Trump. One of my cousins texted me and said ‘Oh Jon, what have you unleashed on … Continue reading

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As a Christian, this is why I am voting for Trump – by Nick Miles

Although I’m an American Citizen, I was raised in the UK and have also lived in Europe and Asia. I do understand why many Brits and others struggle to understand Trump’s popularity. I want to explain why people like me will … Continue reading

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What would the prophet Amos say to Donald Trump?

One of my favourite parts of my job is when I am asked to facilitate the spirituality discussion group at West London Mission’s Day Centre for homeless people.  We see around a hundred rough sleepers every day who come in for breakfasts, showers, … Continue reading

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