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Surprised by Tom Wright: how ‘Surprised by Hope’ is changing my whole outlook on life and death – by Mari Williams

What is the Christian hope? What does the Bible say about life after death? What are the implications for life before death? Tom Wright tackles these and other questions in his seminal book Surprised by Hope. It’s dense but engaging, … Continue reading

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Sex, chocolates and a lie in for Easter…or is Christianity worth getting out of bed for?

The vicar of All Saints Church in Hove, Father Phil Ritchie, hit the headlines The Daily Mail and The Sun this weekend when he made these comments to his local paper: ‘The problem with the church is that we stay inside … Continue reading

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When Two Tribes Go To War

Over the last 10 years, through both my work with homeless people and in community development, I have worked with a wide range of different churches and with Christians who hold very different theological perspectives. Despite some encouraging signs around Christian … Continue reading

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