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It is nice when religion and politics are kept apart…

It is nice when issues of religion and politics can be kept apart. Religion is unsullied by worldly concerns. Going to church can be an inspiring escape from reality.  We can focus purely on God and listening to the Holy Spirit. … Continue reading

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False Profits: why all companies should pay the tax they owe – by Laura Taylor

Tax collectors had a pretty bad name in New Testament times. And perhaps rightly so. At the time, taxation represented subordination and injustice – collected by a Roman regime stripping wealth from the territories they occupied to fund the machinery … Continue reading

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Why I’ve switched off Facebook today

Along with thousands of others I’m participating in a boycott (is abstention a better word?!)  from Facebook today for one day to highlight their UK tax dodging. Facebook earned £175,000,000 in advertising sales in the UK in 2011, they paid … Continue reading

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George! No more benefit cuts before we get a living wage

George Osborne has said that he wants to cut benefits by a further £10bn in the next five years on top of the £18bn already announced. He singled out Housing Benefit for special treatment, slamming people claiming it for having … Continue reading

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Why abolishing the 50p tax rate would be morally wrong

This is a guest post written by Jonathan Chilvers. Jonathan leads a  homeless project and is part of Jubilee Church Leamington. He takes care to consistently contravene the ‘no religion or politics’ rule at  dinner table wherever he goes. Last … Continue reading

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