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Who will be the fathers?

This story was told at my church a few weeks ago: “Elephant herds are formed of an intrictate social web of the extended family. Two or three generations of parents and cousins all play their part – it really does … Continue reading

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Seven months on: what were the reasons behind the August riots?

One of the key investigations into the causes of the Summer riots is due to publish it’s findings tomorrow.  The report of The Riots, Communities and Victims Panel is important as its remit was to give a voice to the communities and victims … Continue reading

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Taken over by The Fear: the spiritual roots of the riots

Many of the people I have spoken to in recent days, whether religious or not, acknowledge that there is something spiritual about the destructive chaos that we have seen unleashed.  The meaninglessness of the riots speak of problems with deeper roots than … Continue reading

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The unpredicted tinderbox: 3 factors which fuelled the riots

It’s very difficult talking about the reasons for riots during or immediately after they have happened.  People who blame things like poverty, racism, alienation, or the classic ‘there is nothing for the kids to do around here’ sound like they … Continue reading

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