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Why Westminster Abbey is the wrong venue to remember Martin Luther King

On April 4th, I attended two events which marked the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King. The first was a packed, lunchtime service at Westminster Abbey, just over the road from Parliament. The second was a rare … Continue reading

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A step for social justice and equality that EVERYONE could take

This week a Church of England report was published called ‘Talking Jesus’. One finding of this report, highlighted by The Guardian, is that when Christians talk to others about Jesus, it is more likely to turn them off than attract them. So how can Christians … Continue reading

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Illegal, but moral? Were the Impact Team right to hack Ashley Madison?

The hacking of the Ashley Madison infidelity website by the Impact Team continues to be a major global news story. Today it was announced that Noel Biderman, the CEO and founder of the website has stepped down from his role. … Continue reading

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‘I just want to do God’s will’ – Martin Luther King’s final speech

Every day around 100 homeless people come to the day centre run by the West London Mission for a hot breakfast, showers, clothing or to see our in-house doctor or nurse. Every Tuesday a Spirituality Discussion group takes place in the … Continue reading

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The personal cost of injustice: review of ‘Selma’ (12A)

Few people have integrated activism, theology and personal commitment in such an inspiring way as Martin Luther King. ‘Selma’ is the first major feature film made about King.  It focuses on his campaign in Selma, Alabama in 1965, where the restrictions and … Continue reading

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Why are churches ‘the best social melting pots in modern Britain’?

Today, the Daily Telegraph reports on the findings of research by the Social Integration Commission about the places where people from different backgrounds meet and mix with each other. The article, with the headline ‘Churches are the best social melting pots in modern Britain‘, states: ‘Overall, it found … Continue reading

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The five best books on Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement

I have been taken aback a bit by the response to my last post was on the Secularisation of Martin Luther King.  A few people who have got in touch admitted that they did not even know MLK was a Christian, … Continue reading

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The secularisation of Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King remains a hero to a wide range of people. But alongside the appreciation of his life and work, there is a consistent tendency of commentators to downplay or eliminate the Christian faith that King’s civil right’s activism was rooted in. … Continue reading

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‘Will we be extremists for hate or for love?’

The brutal killing of the soldier yesterday in Woolwich is a shocking example of religious extremism leading to hatred and violence. In a bid to defend the vast majority of peaceful Muslims who completely condemn this kind of violence, I have … Continue reading

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Gaza, London, Streatham and the randomness of violence

After a meeting this Thursday, I got the underground from London Bridge station back to my office. As I walked onto the platform, a man spat on the ground just as I walked past. Instinctively I glanced up but I … Continue reading

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