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It’s up to each of us to resist the cynicism of ‘post-truth’ culture

Post-truth was chosen as the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2016. It’s a word which has sprung into prominence mainly due to Donald Trump’s election win. I heard a good example the other day on the radio when a US political … Continue reading

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Comforting the disturbed, and disturbing the comfortable

There are plenty of reasons why Christianity, especially in Western countries, is perceived as a religion of the rich and powerful. Over the last two thousand years, a huge amount of unhelpful cultural and historical baggage has accumulated around Christianity. The best … Continue reading

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This could Welby ‘the best decision anyone can ever make’

Last week I went to a lecture given by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, at Lambeth Palace.  Since becoming the C of E’s top man, Welby has caught the public’s imagination and headlines through his attacks on pay day … Continue reading

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Left-wing Bishops? The real problem is Jesus himself – by Harry S.B. Chomley

Quite rightly, there has been an outcry over the latest bit of propaganda issued by the Guardian-readers-at-prayer otherwise known as the Church of England Bishops. Their ‘pastoral letter’ issued yesterday ahead of the election was a thinly-veiled support for the left-wing … Continue reading

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‘Do not be afraid’ is at the heart of the Christmas story

A few years ago one of my children was very worried about something, so I suggested that we pray together about it. We had talked a few times about how often the Bible says ‘Do not be afraid’ so we … Continue reading

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One female bishop is not enough: the Church must behave more like Jesus – by Hannah Martin

As the incarnation of progressive politics, Christ would be taking a stand against every evil, from the arms trade to Ukip. The Church of England needs to do the same The Church of England has just announced that Libby Lane … Continue reading

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Why are churches ‘the best social melting pots in modern Britain’?

Today, the Daily Telegraph reports on the findings of research by the Social Integration Commission about the places where people from different backgrounds meet and mix with each other. The article, with the headline ‘Churches are the best social melting pots in modern Britain‘, states: ‘Overall, it found … Continue reading

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‘He was a nuisance then and he’s a nuisance now’

‘He was a nuisance then’ said Braddock ‘and he’s a nuisance now. He won’t let you work out cosy little systems and call ’em “churches”, and he won’t let you get away with having four meetings a week to discuss what … Continue reading

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Can you give 10 minutes a day for R&R’s Advent Challenge?

Advent is supposed to be a time of waiting and anticipation. A time to pause and prepare for the celebration of Christmas. If I am honest, for me it is far more likely to be a time smothered with extra busyness, … Continue reading

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Endurance inspired by hope: why churches remain at the heart of tackling poverty

A while ago an atheist friend of mine who also works with homeless people said to me: ‘My motives are purer than yours.  I do this work simply to help people, you do it so you can get into heaven.’ I did my … Continue reading

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