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A soft-touch? Why Christians need to stop being doormats

My recent article on Why Pope Francis is wrong about begging was re-posted on the popular Christian blog Psephizo and a number of church leaders commented on the challenge that this issue poses for them. It again reminded me of … Continue reading

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Why Pope Francis is wrong about begging

This week I was at a church in central London, talking with the minister when a man came to the door asking for help. He explained that he was not from London but his wife had just been discharged from … Continue reading

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I Believe in a Thing called Sin

A few years ago, I was on the south bank in London, near Waterloo station, and I got talking with a homeless man called Richard. He had approached me asking for money. He was in a bad state.  He showed … Continue reading

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Personal tragedy and political failure: remembering homeless people who have died in the past year

The annual service to commemorate homeless people who have died in the past year was held today at packed St Martins-in-the-Fields church, central London.   As part of the service, The Choir with No Name and Streetwise Opera performed songs … Continue reading

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What would the prophet Amos say to Donald Trump?

One of my favourite parts of my job is when I am asked to facilitate the spirituality discussion group at West London Mission’s Day Centre for homeless people.  We see around a hundred rough sleepers every day who come in for breakfasts, showers, … Continue reading

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Down and Out in Cardiff and London: a George Orwell for the Facebook generation

Today, George Orwell is remembered as one of the most significant authors of the 20th century, mainly due to the literary and political impact of his most famous books, Animal Farm and 1984. But when Orwell moved to London in … Continue reading

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Holy rows: why disputes between Church and Government will increase

This weekend saw another avalanche of media coverage about a row between the Church and the government. This time it relates to the refugee crisis. The Bishops have accused the government of dragging its feet and not responding adequately to their offers to help … Continue reading

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A spiritual pilgrimage in the real world: Ken Leech 1939-2015

The radical priest, theologian and activist, Rev. Ken Leech recently died, aged 76, following a stroke. Ken founded the youth homeless charity Centrepoint in 1969 and wrote prolifically on the how intimacy with God relates to political action and social … Continue reading

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Faith Full Service? Integrating Christian faith alongside high quality social care, 4th November, central London

Date:   Wednesday 4th November 2015, 9.30am – 4.00pm Venue: Hinde Street Methodist Church, London, W1U 2QJ Cost:    £15.00, including lunch For more details and to book a place please go to Eventbrite In an increasingly secular environment, tensions … Continue reading

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“The homeless? Aren’t they the people you step over when you come out of the opera?” – politics and rough sleeping

I left school in 1990 and got a job as a cleaner in central London. This involved being on the Strand, by Charing Cross Station, at 7.00am.  The extent of the rough sleeping at that time was truly incredible. There … Continue reading

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