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Poverty is many things…

Poverty is not entertainment, it’s not noble or romantic. Poverty is… heavy. It’s heavy hearts and heavy legs. It’s sore skin and hollow eyes. It’s upset and downhearted. It’s hunger. Malnourishment. It’s always thinking about the next meal. Poverty is … Continue reading

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The harrowing reality of UK poverty: ‘I, Daniel Blake’ [Review]

In 1967, Ken Loach’s film Cathy Come Home was a seminal moment in the national consciousness about homelessness. The film led directly to the formation of the national housing charity Shelter. I, Daniel Blake is a Cathy Come Home for our times.  Loach has … Continue reading

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Funeral poverty: when there is nothing left to say goodbye – by Emma Tomlinson

A few weeks ago my neighbour’s only son died unexpectedly. He was in his 30s, without a job and there was no money to pay for the funeral.  Amidst the shock and grief that followed for her I learned something … Continue reading

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Inequality is bad for EVERYBODY: its time to close the gap

Every day I am struck by the incredible inequality on display in the West End of London.  I get off the bus outside Selfridge’s and see the £5,000+ designer handbags in the windows.  I walk through Marylebone past the exclusive clubs and … Continue reading

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National campaign started about the scandal of UK food poverty: End Hunger Fast

Half a million people used food banks in the last year in the UK. Charitable support programmes are rapidly expanding but nonetheless a quarter of families are shrinking portion sizes. 5,500 people were admitted to hospital for malnutrition last year. The … Continue reading

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Foodbank politics: faith, community action and social justice

The Labour government of the late 1970s will always be associated with economic failure, public sector strikes and the ‘winter of discontent’ when (as legend has it) the rubbish went uncollected and the dead unburied. When we see documentaries about the … Continue reading

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Breadline Britain: how practical and political action can address the scandal of food poverty

I was pleased to see this morning that Church Action on Poverty and Oxfam’s report Walking the Breadline: the scandal of food poverty in 21st Century Britain as the lead story on the front page of the Metro Newspaper. This … Continue reading

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