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Is it the Church’s job to be the nation’s paramedic? – by Andy Flannagan

All over the UK the Church is doing an incredible job. We are running food banks…mentoring teenagers at risk…counselling those in debt… befriending the elderly…sheltering the homeless…running parent-toddler groups… homework clubs…music and arts workshops…healing on the streets…sports camps… working with prisoners…community … Continue reading

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‘All Christians are political’ – putting our faith in the mixer

‘All Christians are political, whether they realise it or not. But especially when they don’t realise it’ Kenneth Leech In football terminology, putting the ball ‘in the mixer’ means getting it into the penalty area right in front of the goal.   It’s where … Continue reading

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The Summit of faith, social action and politics – by Andy Flannagan

Regular readers of R&R may already know about the re-launch of Christians on the Left.  I wanted to grab a few moments of your time to tell you about a great event we are hosting for everyone interested in faith, … Continue reading

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‘They came expecting fireworks’: the launch of Christians on the Left

Christians on the Left, the new name for the Christian Socialist Movement, was formally launched in a packed room at the Houses of Parliament on November 5th. It was quite a night to be in that famous old building.  Drawing … Continue reading

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Left behind: Why the Christian Socialist Movement needs a new name

I remember someone saying to me years ago that Christian Socialist Movement (CSM) had three main problems: firstly, it wasn’t Christian; secondly, it wasn’t Socialist and thirdly, it definitely wasn’t a Movement. And five years ago CSM was struggling. The … Continue reading

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Drowning in the Shallow – Andy Flannagan [Review]

I must admit that I am not a big fan of a lot of contemporary Christian music.  Too often, I find the lyrics can be trite and too detached from the difficulties and complexity of real life.  Often laments for our broken world tend … Continue reading

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