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Sexuality, the C of E and the myth of Christian unity

Another week has passed with painful and damaging arguments within the Church of England. The Church’s governing body, the General Synod, voted against ‘taking note’ of the Bishop’s recent report on sexuality. The report followed three years of ‘shared conversations’ … Continue reading

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Jesus did not write a book but formed a community

Last year I spoke at a weekend away for St Mary’s Church in Islington.  When I arrived in my room at the conference centre, there was an envelope on my bed with a card welcoming me. And inside the card … Continue reading

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Closet Christianity and the parable of the religious candles

“There was a power cut the other night. When the lights went out, I fumbled to the cupboard where we keep the candles for nights like this. I grabbed four of them. I was turning to leave with the large candle … Continue reading

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What’s more important, what the Church SAYS or what it DOES?

At Streatham Baptist Church last week, I had a debate with the senior Pastor, Phil Robinson about our mission as a church. Should we emphasise proclamation or social action?  What is more important – what the Church says or what it does? As a preacher, Phil … Continue reading

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Concrete faith: A review of ‘Dietrich Bonhoeffer as Youth Worker’ by Andrew Root

At the start of this book, Andrew Root outlines ‘The Bonhoeffer Phenomenon’, the term coined for the divergent Christian tribes who have bestowed hero status on the German theologian.  One consequence is that books on Bonhoeffer are warped by the theological commitment of the … Continue reading

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A spiritual pilgrimage in the real world: Ken Leech 1939-2015

The radical priest, theologian and activist, Rev. Ken Leech recently died, aged 76, following a stroke. Ken founded the youth homeless charity Centrepoint in 1969 and wrote prolifically on the how intimacy with God relates to political action and social … Continue reading

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Greenbelt needs to rediscover it’s spiritual confidence

For some people the annual Greenbelt festival, with its blend of music, arts, justice and spirituality, is an article of their faith.  It provokes a fierce devotion in those who would never dream of being anywhere else on the August Bank Holiday … Continue reading

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‘Understanding theology is to understand God, who is Love’

Across the broad spectrum of Christian culture, one characteristic is shared by almost all traditions: the church uses a lot of words. Hymns, Bible readings, sermons, liturgy and prayers are saturated in words. And the internet is crammed full of blogs (like the … Continue reading

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Personal and political: a basis for a more radical theology

1) The relationship between people and society This diagram shows the basic relationship at the core of all sociology: between people and the society in which they live. Each person is an individual who lives within a social environment. This is the … Continue reading

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This could Welby ‘the best decision anyone can ever make’

Last week I went to a lecture given by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, at Lambeth Palace.  Since becoming the C of E’s top man, Welby has caught the public’s imagination and headlines through his attacks on pay day … Continue reading

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