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Cheating cricketers and the message of Easter

I’ll never forget my first match for my University Cricket Club. I was 19 and nervously excited. I had played a lot of league cricket down south but now I was playing alongside teammates from the northern leagues. They were … Continue reading

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I’m not surprised at The President’s Club scandal – it’s just like my University Rugby Club

The waves created by the Harvey Weinstein eruptions in Hollywood are being felt all over the world. But you can imagine the organisers of The President’s Club, an all-male, exclusive fundraising event, felt pretty safe. After all, they had been running … Continue reading

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Pushy parents and competitive dads: when children behave better than adults

Every Saturday, my 10 year old son plays in a football team in a south London league. He is part of a great club, with dedicated coaches and he loves it. It is a very competitive league but over the course … Continue reading

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The worst decision ever made by English cricket

One of the key reasons that the Football World Cup captures people’s imagination is because everyone can watch each match as they are broadcast on free-to-watch channels. This means it is a collective, national experience. Imagine what it would be like if the World … Continue reading

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Why I’m supporting Bosnia at the World Cup – by Jonathan Chilvers

England may be perennial hopefuls at World Cup Finals, but for Bosnia & Herzegovina it will be the first time they have made it to the competition since the country declared independence in 1992. I’ll be supporting them when they … Continue reading

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Anelka’s gesture deserves more than just a 5 match ban – by Alan Bolchover

Let’s be absolutely clear: Nicolas Anelka’s “quenelle” gesture was an anti-semetic act. The gesture is the equivalent of a Nazi salute and if you or I made it in our workplaces, we should be deservedly be fired. La quenelle consists … Continue reading

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Neither sycophancy nor cynicism: Danny Boyle and the right kind of patriotism

I love sport and have always enjoyed the Olympics but I have never watched an Opening Ceremony until last night. I guess I have never understood what the point of it all is. But last night, I was blown away … Continue reading

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Stop Thieves! The Olympics have been sanitised and stolen

I was excited enough about the Olympics to apply to be a part of the huge phalanx of volunteers needed to run the games starting in two weeks. One of the reasons I eventually turned down the place I was … Continue reading

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Corruption, greed and the Beautiful Game – by Steve Couch

In December 2010, FIFA announced that Qatar had been chosen to host the 2022 football World Cup. Not so much a footballing hotbed as just hot, it remains a controversial choice. Qatar has an appalling record of human rights but … Continue reading

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Three reasons why Stuart Lancaster is the right choice for English Rugby

After his eye-catching Six Nations campaign as interim boss, Stuart Lancaster has been appointed full time coach until after the next World Cup in 2015. As well as winning four out of five since January here are three reasons why … Continue reading

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