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The nonsense surrounding weddings undermine marriage

A royal wedding is simply the über example of the extravagance, hype and nonsense that has overtaken the contemporary concept of getting married. This culture is fuelled by an industry dedicated to ramping up costs. It knows how much money … Continue reading

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Labelling ‘Leave’ voters as racist is wrong – by Danny Kuhrt

My grandparents, who have lived in London almost their entire lives, voted to leave the European Union last year. They have also been accepting and open-minded towards people of all cultures, beliefs and ethnicities. These two facts seem to clash … Continue reading

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I’m not surprised at The President’s Club scandal – it’s just like my University Rugby Club

The waves created by the Harvey Weinstein eruptions in Hollywood are being felt all over the world. But you can imagine the organisers of The President’s Club, an all-male, exclusive fundraising event, felt pretty safe. After all, they had been running … Continue reading

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Why Remembrance Day makes me uneasy – by Jeremy O’Hare

When Remembrance Day comes around every year, I feel uneasy. There’s something about this national ritual that doesn’t sit well with me. How we commemorate wars and the fallen can be misused. Especially when my Christian faith leads me to … Continue reading

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Guns in America: religion is part of the problem but faith will be part of the answer

As a Christian, I think its vital that we are honest about the way religion can often uphold and underpin injustice. Whilst its good to be inspired by the great faith-inspired social movements – like the battles against the slave trade, … Continue reading

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Refugees – a poem by Brian Bilston

They have no need of our help So do not tell me These haggard faces could belong to you or me Should life have dealt a different hand We need to see them for who they really are Chancers and … Continue reading

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How society and government policy facilitate sexual abuse – by Ruth Woodcraft

Newcastle joined an infamous list of UK cities in August with the conviction of 17 men and one woman for rape, supplying drugs and conspiracy to incite prostitution. The media dissected events and the conclusions were critical of Northumbria Police. … Continue reading

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‘I Didn’t Meme to Hurt You’: disagreeing better online

I am facebook friends with people with a very wide range of views: rabid right-wingers and loony lefties and everything in-between. Raving charismatics, fluffy liberals and hard-bitten atheists.  Millie Tants, Chardonnay Socialists and Gary Lagers. Our on-line followers represent to some … Continue reading

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Taking a break from Fakebook – by Jill Rowe

I have not been here. Over the past little while I took a break from Facebook. I’ve not ‘photo-ed’ for Instagram and my tweeting volume has been close to zero.  I have not been here. Why? Because I know that … Continue reading

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Light in the darkness: fighting the misunderstanding and stigma of mental illness – by Giles Fraser

Carrie Fisher was more than a princess. At the age of 24 she was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder – or manic depression as it used to be called. And throughout the rest of her life she fought to demystify this … Continue reading

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