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Illegal, but moral? Were the Impact Team right to hack Ashley Madison?

The hacking of the Ashley Madison infidelity website by the Impact Team continues to be a major global news story. Today it was announced that Noel Biderman, the CEO and founder of the website has stepped down from his role. … Continue reading

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How should we view the victims of the Ashley Madison hacking?

Ashley Madison is the world’s largest website dedicated to facilitate people to be unfaithful to their partners. Their strap-line sums it up: Life is Short. Have an Affair.  But over the last few weeks the hacking of their database by … Continue reading

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Beach-body ready or not, the real winners are the advertising industry

Protein World’s ‘Are you Beach Body Ready?’ adverts have created a massive row. In among the countless adverts that commuters are pummeled by, these posters immediately struck me as unusually crass and objectionable. So I was not that surprised to see … Continue reading

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Which is more important: what is done on the pavement or what is said on the platform?

When I worked for Shaftesbury – now Livability – helping churches engage in social action, I had a boss who would often challenge our team with this question: was our work making a difference on the pavement or was it more about the … Continue reading

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Faithfulness Matters campaign update

This article was also published on the Faithfulness Matters website The Good The good news is that due to the pressure that the Faithfulness Matters campaign put on them, we can confirm that Global Personals have changed their policy towards … Continue reading

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The Commodification of Unfaithfulness

This article was originally published on Ekklesia in November 2011 On 6th January Jon Kuhrt was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 on the You and Yours programme about the Faithfulness Matters campaign In January 2010, I was driving close to … Continue reading

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The Faithfulness Matters statement

This is the statement which sums up what this campaign is all about.  the campaign has its own website now – If you agree with the statement, please join the movement by sending an email to We believe that … Continue reading

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Faithfulness Matters – Don’t make money from breaking up relationships

I have been hugely encouraged by the help and support of so many different people since we started this campaign.  At a meeting last night we decided to give the campaign a positive name which captures it essence – and a … Continue reading

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Public Statement from Global Personals

This week I received two letters from Global Personals lawyers.  One invited me to a meeting and the other included the following statement: Global Personals Ltd is a software and services provider. Our business creates the platform upon which thousands of online dating sites … Continue reading

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Global Personals Campaign – Update 4/10/11

UPDATE: Today, I finally received a response from Global Personals!  I got a letter offering to meet with us to discuss our concerns. We are really pleased with this progress and look forward to the discussions. Thanks everyone for your support … Continue reading

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