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Six reasons why Hillary lost it – by Lizzie Schofield

Oh, Hillary! This was your election to lose, girl! Want to know what happened? Let me make you some tea and share my wise, wise Briddish insights, because obviously if I ran for President of the USA I would do … Continue reading

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Voting for Trump…or against something bigger? Globalism is the elephant in the room – by Renee McMullen

“The Powers That Be are more than just the people who run things. They are the systems themselves, the institutions and structures that weave society into an intricate fabric of power and relationships. The Powers surround us on every side. … Continue reading

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Hallow’een, Selfish G’een – by Lizzie Schofield

Nothing puts me in a bad mood like Hallow’een. Apart from the whole ‘celebration of evil’ thing, it’s so ubiquitous. Even Facebook won’t let me do a ‘sad face’ anymore. Instead I get a Frankenstein head. For a start, this … Continue reading

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Cakes, prophets and freedom of belief – by Lizzie Schofield

Ashers Baking Co. in Northern Ireland were taken to court for refusing to decorate a cake with the words “Support Gay Marriage” because it went against their Christian beliefs. The judge ruled this was discriminatory and Ashers lost. With this ‘progressive’ … Continue reading

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As a Christian, this is why I am voting for Trump – by Nick Miles

Although I’m an American Citizen, I was raised in the UK and have also lived in Europe and Asia. I do understand why many Brits and others struggle to understand Trump’s popularity. I want to explain why people like me will … Continue reading

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We need Sport Relief from corporate injustice – by Andy Turner

So another Sport Relief has come and gone. An unrelenting mash up of fun, sporting heroics, comedy and conviction, highlighting poverty and raising money. The banter, unlikely competitions, silly stunts, and comedy sketches are fun. The heroic feats, especially Eddie Izzard’s incredible … Continue reading

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Being a voice for the voiceless in politics – by Alison Hill

The last few months have seen some huge political decisions being made: whether to extend airstrikes against ISIS, the response to the refugee crisis, the UK’s commitments in the UN Climate Change Talks, or the reaction to the flooding seen … Continue reading

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I am a Muslim who believes in Christ’s love for all – by Soraya Deen

I love Christmas. This year we assembled and lit our tree. On Christmas day my Jewish friend came over with her son and we did a gift exchange and had a great brunch. There is no way we forget to … Continue reading

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I’m agnostic, but I know if it wasn’t for Christians many more homeless people would die on the streets – by Paul Anderson

I have worked for a variety of homeless charities for over 20 years, so generally not much surprises me when it comes to the reality of poverty and destitution. However, this week I was out doing a street count in London to … Continue reading

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We are the problem: Western militarism created this ‘refugee crisis’ – by Alan Storkey

Home is where the heart is for most of the world’s population. People do not readily leave home, family, jobs, friends and their familiar life to tramp across borders and take their lives in hock in perilous crossings. Our public … Continue reading

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