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Jon Kuhrt works with people affected by homelessness, offending and addictions at the West London Mission. He, his wife and three children live in Streatham, south London. He likes football...but loves cricket.

Rev. Curry’s sermon summed up why I am a Christian 

There has been an incredible reaction to Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon at the Royal Wedding today. Both the content and the manner of his talk broke the formality which so easily straight-jackets Anglican services and especially any religious events involving … Continue reading

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The nonsense surrounding weddings undermine marriage

A royal wedding is simply the über example of the extravagance, hype and nonsense that has overtaken the contemporary concept of getting married. This culture is fuelled by an industry dedicated to ramping up costs. It knows how much money … Continue reading

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The Only Way Is Ethics: ‘Christian Today’ has to drop dodgy adverts

Over the last few years the website Christian Today has grown in prominence in the UK. It carries a wide range of religious news and commentary and high profile Christian leaders, like Krish Kandiah and Youthscape’s Martin Saunders, regularly write … Continue reading

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What are the best ways of helping people?

Every Tuesday at WLM’s centre for homeless people at Seymour Place in central London, we have a Spirituality Discussion Group for our homeless clients. Even though membership of the group changes frequently, the group decides themselves the topics it wants … Continue reading

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Crisis of faith in social action: keeping Christian distinctiveness

A huge number charities have been started by committed Christians. One example is my former employer, the youth homelessness charity Centrepoint. It was started in the late 1960s by the Rev Kenneth Leech in St Anne’s Church in Soho. But by the … Continue reading

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Why Westminster Abbey is the wrong venue to remember Martin Luther King

On April 4th, I attended two events which marked the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King. The first was a packed, lunchtime service at Westminster Abbey, just over the road from Parliament. The second was a rare … Continue reading

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Cheating cricketers and the message of Easter

I’ll never forget my first match for my University Cricket Club. I was 19 and nervously excited. I had played a lot of league cricket down south but now I was playing alongside teammates from the northern leagues. They were … Continue reading

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Cheap grace: theology which fails to safeguard the vulnerable

At the moment the Church of England is being investigated by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. Initially the focus is into the safeguarding of children in Chichester diocese.  This will be followed by a focus on the handling of … Continue reading

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Homelessness: have we lost our Christianity in our caring? 24th April, central London

Christian distinctiveness in helping people who are homeless Many churches acknowledge the importance of helping people who are homeless. Nationwide there are over 100 Night Shelter networks and churches make up the vast majority of the venues. Also many of … Continue reading

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Authentic change does not come easily – a weekend retreat October 5-7th, 2018

In the last 20 years there has been a significant rise in Christian social action projects and initiatives to combat poverty. Foodbanks, night shelters and debt-relief such as Christians Against Poverty, have grown at a remarkable rate. But in the … Continue reading

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