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Jon Kuhrt works with people affected by homelessness, offending and addictions at the West London Mission. He, his wife and three children live in Streatham, south London. He likes football...but loves cricket.

Cheap grace: theology which fails to safeguard the vulnerable

At the moment the Church of England is being investigated by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. Initially the focus is into the safeguarding of children in Chichester diocese.  This will be followed by a focus on the handling of … Continue reading

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Homelessness: have we lost our Christianity in our caring? 24th April, central London

Christian distinctiveness in helping people who are homeless Many churches acknowledge the importance of helping people who are homeless. Nationwide there are over 100 Night Shelter networks and churches make up the vast majority of the venues. Also many of … Continue reading

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Authentic change does not come easily – a weekend retreat October 5-7th, 2018

In the last 20 years there has been a significant rise in Christian social action projects and initiatives to combat poverty. Foodbanks, night shelters and debt-relief such as Christians Against Poverty, have grown at a remarkable rate. But in the … Continue reading

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I’m not surprised at The President’s Club scandal – it’s just like my University Rugby Club

The waves created by the Harvey Weinstein eruptions in Hollywood are being felt all over the world. But you can imagine the organisers of The President’s Club, an all-male, exclusive fundraising event, felt pretty safe. After all, they had been running … Continue reading

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My cousin and the bitter cost of drug addiction

This weekend, I was on the BBC1 programme Sunday Morning Live (see on BBC iPlayer, 24 mins in) discussing homelessness and begging. I was on the programme because I disagree with the view of journalist Matt Broomfield who believes people should give ‘directly … Continue reading

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Justice, mercy and humility: a weekend retreat in the Yorkshire Dales

From the 10th-12th November, I am facilitating a weekend away at the beautiful Scargill House in the Yorkshire Dales. Today, the richest 1% of people own more than the rest of the world combined. We see refugee crises across the … Continue reading

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No one can take steps for others on the hard road of recovery

My daughter and I have just got back from WLM’s Sleep Out held last night in the grounds of St James’ Church, Piccadilly. It was an uplifting evening. 82 supporters gave up their bed for the night to sleep out and … Continue reading

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Hope in action (even if you’re little you can do a lot)

Recently I was contacted by a Mum whose 5 year old daughter wanted to do something to help homeless people. What struck me was that their family situation is not at all easy – the daughter has additional needs and the … Continue reading

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Guns in America: religion is part of the problem but faith will be part of the answer

As a Christian, I think its vital that we are honest about the way religion can often uphold and underpin injustice. Whilst its good to be inspired by the great faith-inspired social movements – like the battles against the slave trade, … Continue reading

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Refugees – a poem by Brian Bilston

They have no need of our help So do not tell me These haggard faces could belong to you or me Should life have dealt a different hand We need to see them for who they really are Chancers and … Continue reading

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