Activists who have changed the world

Here are the answers to our Christmas Quiz:

R&R quiz

  1. Desmond Tutu – former Archbishop of Cape Town and leading figure in the fight against apartheid
  2. Elizabeth Fry – Quaker activist who campaigned tirelessly for prison reform in Victorian England
  3. Lord Shaftesbury – politician who spent his life campaigning for legislation to limit child labour in factories and mines and establishing ‘Ragged schools’ for poor children
  4. Rosa Parks – civil rights activist whose refusal to give up her seat on a bus in Montogomery, Alabama in 1955 kick started the bus boycotts
  5. Sojourner Truth – anti-slavery and women’s rights activist from New York who escaped slavery and in 1828 became the first black woman to win a legal case against a white man.
  6. Jean Vanier – Catholic activist who started the L’Arche movement, an international family of communities of able-bodied and disabled people living together.
  7. Martin Luther King – Baptist Minister with a PhD in theology who became the leading figure of the civil rights movement in the 1950s/ 60s. Assassinated aged 39.
  8. William Wilberforce – English MP who campaigned against slavery and succeeded in introducing legislation to make the slave trade illegal and lived to see slavery itself abolished in the British Empire in 1833.
  9. William Temple  hugely influential Bishop and Archbishop whose thinking and writing (especially his book ‘Christianity and the Social Order’) helped form the post-war Welfare State in the UK.
  10. Bob Holman  lecturer in social policy who gave up his academic position to move onto the Easterhouse Estate in Glasgow where he lived and worked for many years as a community worker. He has written many books and articles to campaign against poverty. (Bob might not be as well known as the others on this list but he’s my personal hero and represents the ‘ordinary people’ who do so much in local communities!)
  11. Catherine Booth – preacher and author who co-founded the Salvation Army (and who also raised 8 children!)
  12. William Booth – preacher and organiser who co-founded the Salvation Army who became its first General.

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Today, the richest 1% of people own more than the rest of world combined. We see refugee crises across the globe and growing homelessness and debt in the UK. How do we confront inequality and injustice and express Christ’s hope and compassion towards the poor? And how can our social activism remain connected to our faith? Join us as we reflect on what it looks like to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God.

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