Justice, mercy and humility: a weekend retreat in the Yorkshire Dales

The Chapel at Scargill House, Skipton, Yorkshire

From the 10th-12th November, I am facilitating a weekend away at the beautiful Scargill House in the Yorkshire Dales.

Today, the richest 1% of people own more than the rest of the world combined. We see refugee crises across the globe and growing homelessness, poverty and debt in the UK.

How do we confront inequality and injustice and express Christ’s hope and compassion towards those affected by poverty? And how can our social activism remain connected to our faith?

This is a weekend for Christian activists to be refreshed, encouraged and inspired.  It is fantastic place to get away and be resource for your work and ministry. We will reflect on what it looks like to respond to Micah’s call for God’s people to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8).

I know its late notice but there are still some places so if you are free and are interested then see here for more details, cost and booking information

About Jon Kuhrt

Jon Kuhrt works with people affected by homelessness, offending and addictions at the West London Mission. He, his wife and three children are part of Streatham Baptist Church and he is a member of the Christians on the Left. He likes football...but loves cricket.
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