Pray in the tension

Lost In London - by Simon & His Camera

photo by Simon & His Camera

Many of us live
A nation of strangers
Aliens in cities,
Trapped in societies
Of rapid, social change.
We face new problems
With no clear answers.
It’s not happened
To us before.
Nobody’s behaved like that before.
We’ve got no tailor-made pattern.
It’s an itsy-bitsy life.
Let’s be quite clear,
No comprehensive lifestyles
No grand, universal designs
Let’s not look for them.
Let’s get clear the tension
Between heaven and earth,
Between our visions
Of God and the earth,
And the tension
Of fidelity to both.
And in the tension

Taken from Prayers from a Searching Heart by Ian Calvert 

About Jon Kuhrt

Jon Kuhrt works with people affected by homelessness, offending and addictions at the West London Mission. He, his wife and three children live in Streatham, south London. He likes football...but loves cricket.
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  1. Love this (both poem and photo). You may also like this photo-blog-post:

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